Sue Pickles

Salon Owner

Sue has offered a hairdressing service of the highest quality in Nailsea for over 21 years.

She fosters a true sense of teamwork amongst her staff, demonstrated by their common goal of making people feel and look great. Investment in, and encouragement of, her stylists has created a confident and professional team that encompasses different age groups and specialities.

Her easy going and approachable personality, combined with extensive skill and knowledge has led to the success of the salon. Along with her own long-standing and established clientele, Sue also personally welcomes her stylists’ clients, drawing them into the overall salon experience.

Having enjoyed longevity and success within her career, Sue loves hairdressing now as much as she did when she first started in the business.

Sue says: “We constantly aspire to make people feel fantastic when they walk out of the salon.”

Cathy Millar

Salon Manager & Colour Educator

Cathy joined SP Hair & Co as a trainee at the age of 16. Having progressed to junior stylist, she then became a colour specialist, educating staff in salons across the South West, and training with an international team in Germany. Cathy has now been an educator for the salon’s trainees during the last five years.

Cathy is close to her clients, having gained their trust through her excellent knowledge, particularly about colour, combined with her happy, enthusiastic approach. She is confident in creating something beautiful and different for her customers.

Cathy loves working in this salon because Sue, the owner, listens to her ideas, is innovative and invests in the stylists. This approach reflects Cathy’s own ambitious and energetic character.

Cathy says: “I love being artistic and having the opportunity to pass my knowledge on to both clients and other staff.”

Becky Hall

Creative Director

As an experienced member of the team, Becky is keen that her loyal and regular clients don’t get “stuck in a rut” when it comes to their hair.

The best appointments for her are those when a client requests a complete change, allowing Becky to lead them through every step of their transformation. No matter how often a client comes to her they have a detailed consultation to fully discuss their ideas, the condition of their hair and how they want to change it.

Over time, Becky gets to know her clients and they have implicit trust in her. She likes the fact that by doing their hair they leave the salon going to have a better time because of what she’s done.

Becky loves new experiences herself; this is reflected in the service that she gives here at SP Hair & Co.

Becky says: “When it comes to hairdressing there’s nothing that I don’t like doing! It’s brilliant for me because every day is different.”

Laura Guppy

Colour Technician

Laura is the salon’s colour expert. With a keen artistic eye and a scientific understanding of how products work, Laura regularly achieves entire gorgeous hair revamps for her clients; her favourite part of the job is seeing their delighted reactions!

Laura’s product knowledge is kept up to date with training and courses where she learns new techniques and styling methods. In addition to her talent with colour, Laura is also skilled at applying hair extensions.

Due to the nature of her role, Laura has to be honest if she feels that a client’s idea of how they’d like their hair won’t suit them. Her proficiency gives them confidence in what she says, and ensures that they take on board her recommendations. Clients have complete faith in Laura.

Laura says: “I love transforming clients’ hair, giving them inspiration and ideas.”

Emily Knapp

Creative Director

Hairdressing is the perfect role for Emily because she loves the variety. Engaging in different conversations with different people is suited to her chatty and enthusiastic personality.

Whilst her hairdressing skills range across a broad range of disciplines including bridal and occasion hair styling, barbering and bobs, Emily is well known for her ability to care for thicker hair, with her “big hair” bouncy blow dries becoming a trademark! Emily has an eye for detail – she insists on perfection, leaving clients with hair looking the best it can.

Emily’s commitment to creating an excellent experience is enhanced by the teamwork at SP Hair & Co where everyone works together to make sure that their clients leave the salon feeling amazing.

Emily says: “Hearing ‘you’ve made my day’ from my clients is what drives me.”

Tamara Barrant

Senior Stylist

Tamara began her hairdressing career with a Saturday job and has never looked back! This former ‘Apprentice of the Year’ now teaches hairdressing trainees herself; the salon’s apprentices benefit from Tamara’s 25 years’ worth of experience and knowledge.

Tamara’s clientele have a broad variety of hairdressing requirements. Her proficiency with all types of hair enable her to tailor her service specifically to their individual needs and wants. Tamara loves the variation, enjoying a job where no two days are the same and where she can use her creativity and precision to make people feel good about themselves.

Tamara values working within such a close team at SP Hair & Co, drawing inspiration from the talent of her colleagues.

Tamara says: “It’s not just a job, it’s a passion.”

Emma Bryant

Senior Stylist

Emma wanted to be a hairdresser because she loves making people feel good about themselves.

With her naturally warm and friendly manner, Emma is exceptionally skilled at building a rapport - her portfolio of loyal clients speaks for itself! Emma is enthusiastic and enjoys the social side of hairdressing which involves meeting new people.

Clients are in extremely capable hands with Emma; she believes in taking the time to talk them through a detailed consultation. A thorough examination of clients’ hair allows her to offer the best advice and recommendations.

Emma has worked with SP Hair & Co for over 17 years and loves working in such a spacious environment. She has seen how the salon has grown, and is an integral part of its success.

Emma says: “I love my job.”

Caitlyn Efford

Creative Stylist

Working for SP Hair Company for over 7 years Cait has learned multiples of different styling techniques and fashions while sharing that knowledge with numerous clients.

Cait's passion is colour from Balayge to Baby Lights, Cait is suited to clients who are feeling adventurous while at the same time ensuring the protection of their hair with Olaplex.

Cait says "When you change your colour and style you can totally recreate yourself."

Beth Neale

Creative Stylist

Beth has always wanted to be a hairdresser and, as a previous SP Hair & Co customer, has been training at the salon since leaving school, with Tamara as her mentor.

Whilst developing her own skills, Beth makes sure that the stylists have everything they need and is a helpful presence within the salon. Beth epitomises the friendly ambience, where clients are made to feel comfortable and relaxed. She loves the fact that the staff at SP Hair & Co are all so different and that this suits the clientele who have a wide variety of hairdressing requirements.

Beth is keen to make the most of this training opportunity and is focused on learning. Well-planned and organised, she is committed to absorbing the advice and suggestions of her more experienced colleagues.

Beth says: “I love it when clients walk away with a smile on their face.”

Hayley Keen

Creative Stylist

Hayley has been at SP Hair Company for over five years during which time she has perfected her hairdressing skills. She particularly likes the challenge of a complete transformation involving cut and colour. Hayley loves working with hair, learning new things but most importantly meeting new people.

Hayley is such a bubbly character, she puts a smile on all our faces.

Hayley says, "It makes my day to make somebody else's."



Mary Gould

Front of House

Mary is a fantastic welcoming presence who combines a warm and friendly manner with an organised and methodical approach to booking client appointments. Coming from a retail background Mary has a passion for customer service and ensures that all clients receive the utmost care and attention. Working with two receptionists, Mary uses her planning skills to ensure the booking systems run smoothly, giving clients an efficient and professional service. They can relax knowing that their future appointments are booked in advance, with every detail taken care of. Mary says: “I really look forward to seeing regular clients and love providing a first-class service to new ones too.”